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Universidad de Salamanca Multicultural Interdisciplinary Hanbook

Universidad de Salamanca


Technical. Alicia García Holgado

Technical. Miguel Ángel Conde González

Researcher and Coordinator. Francisco José García Peñalvo

Administrative. Evaristo Ovide Aza

Researcher. Antonio Miguel Seoane Pardo

Researcher. Roberto Therón Sánchez

Manager. Valentina Zangrando


The University of Salamanca leads the initiative and it is involved via its InterAction and eLearning Researching Group (GRIAL), currently focusing on the  production of educational podcasts and Learning Objects for both e-learning and b-learning contexts.

Work packages which are responsible

Contact details

GRupo de Investigación en InterAcción y eLearning Instituto Universitario de Ciencias de la Educación (IUCE) Paseo de Canalejas, 169 37008 Salamanca (España) (+34) 923294500 (ext. 3433) grial@usal.es http://grial.usal.es

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