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WP1: Project Management Multicultural Interdisciplinary Hanbook

WP1: Project Management


The leading institution will assure  overall management and monitoring of the quality and promptness of the activities of the partners as well as of the financial aspects of the project.

Work Programme

Task 1.1. Kick off meeting

Description: The kick off meeting (3-day meeting – 07-09/01/2010) will plan all future activities such as meetings, overall management and monitoring of the quality and the financial aspects of the project. Its outcomes will be a detailed quality management plan, a manual for the workflow and a set of work management tools.

One section will be devoted to the discussion on the methodological aspects of the 2nd package.

Task 1.2. Meeting n. 2

Description: 3-day meeting  (exp. 16-19/02/2011) in Ausgburg (Germany).

Agenda of the meeting:

  1. plan of the final versions of the HandBook (linguistic approach, translations and graphical layout)
  2. selection of the excerpts to be transformed in digital objects
  3. plan of the dissemination activities
  4. agreement on the design of the teacher training course
  5. plan of the teacher training course

Task 1.3. Interim report

Description: This report (27/09/2010) will provide all information regarding the project progress as well as an evaluation of the factors that make the transnational cooperation useful and its aspects on the transfer, impact, valorisation and sustainable implementation.

  • A complete financial report will be attached.
  • Partners will provide the reports required.
  • The report will be sent to the European Agency, and a monitoring meeting will be organized.

Task 1.4. Meeting n.3 (closure)

Description: 4-day meeting (14-17/09/2011) in Salamanca (Spain)

The contents of this meeting are the discussion on the management , the results and  dissemination of the project.  It aims at preparing the final report. All partners will attend it, deliver the documents required and contribute to the  evaluation of the whole project  by filling a quality questionnaire (2 days).

Two more days will be dedicated to a Symposium, the description of which is in WP 10 (DISSEMINATION).

Task 1.5. Final Report

Description: The final report will respect the framework given by the European Agency, which is the final addressee of this report.

All partners will provide the  reports required by the project leader.

Task 1.6. Briefing Meetings

Description: Four 2-day briefing meetings with the EACEA representatives are planned along the project life.

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