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WP9: Quality Management – Monitoring and Evaluation Multicultural Interdisciplinary Hanbook

WP9: Quality Management – Monitoring and Evaluation


A quality management team set up for the Project by P3 will monitor the project activities. Additionally, a steering group will be implemented. Each partner has to nominate one representative that has the competence to make decisions for the respective institution. The steering group will work by virtual communication and assigning partner meetings. It is also responsible to solve conflicts (clauses will be fixed at the first meeting).
To ensure a high quality, the following tools and procedures will be implemented:

  1. Quality Management Plan;
  2. Project  Management Tools:
    • Ongoing monitoring of the work done by the partner institutions by the means of reports delivered to the coordinator (quarterly);
    • Ongoing financial controlling by the delivery of financial reports to the coordinator (quarterly).
      The evaluation will focus on both the processes and the products. The development of the project must achieve the objectives and outcomes according to the work plan. The product evaluation will involve teacher and students / pupils in the development of the products. For this reason, several questionnaires will be provided (by P4 in WP4 for the HandBook, by P2 in WP6 for the Teacher Training Course, by P6 in WP7 for Teacher Training Course Pilot and by P5 in WP8 for HandBook and Digital Modules Pilot).
      Evaluation reports will be delivered for all evaluation activities.
  3. Manual for the workflow (internal communication, delivery of documents, guidelines for meetings, and so on).

The WP includes an External Evaluator, who will participate in meetings 2, 3 and 4.

Work Programme

Task 9.1. Quality Management Plan

Description: The plan will explain in detail what is outlined above in the description of the workpackage.
P3 will present a proposal of quality management plan to be discussed and approved at the first meeting.

Task 9.2. Evaluation Questionnaires

Description: The questionnaire  will be made up of multiple choice questions (standardized) and open questions. Focus:

  • Partnership
  • Meetings
  • Management
  • What made the transnational cooperation useful
  • Achievement of the  objectives
  • Factors that contributed / handicapped the execution of objectives
  • Financial decisions and payments
  • Most effective methods to book results
  • Quality of documents, translation
  • Effect on the transfer, impact, valorisation,  sustainable implementation and mainstreaming

Task 9.3. Evaluation Reports

Description: Evaluation reports will present in detail the results of the evaluation by the means of text, gantts. It will provide suggestions / solutions for improving weaknesses of the  process. The final report will provide an overall assessment of the project.

Task 9.4. Manual for the Workflow

Description: It will present rules for the internal communication, delivery of documents, guidelines for meetings, and so on.
P3 will present a proposal of manual for the workflow to be discussed and approved at the first meeting.

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