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WP10: Dissemination, Valorisation and Sustainability Multicultural Interdisciplinary Hanbook

WP10: Dissemination, Valorisation and Sustainability


The main objective of dissemination activities within this work package is to communicate the results and achievements of the project to project outsiders to ensure a sustainable mainstreaming of the results and further development. Valorisation and dissemination of the project results will be done during project live time; but dissemination and sustainability of the project results after the end of the project will also be granted.
Beside the activities done for valorisation and sustainability within this work package an important impact for valorisation and mainstreaming will be done in the WP7 (Teacher Training Pilot) and WP8  (HandBook Pilot) as by the product of WP2 (Digital Modules), WP4 (HandBook) and WP6 (Teacher Training Course).
To grant valorisation, dissemination and sustainability needs a dynamic process, requiring permanent review and improvement of actions, facilitated by considering the steps described in the valorisation plan.

Work Programme

Task 10.1. Internet and Digital Strategy

Description: Internet and digital strategy

  • E-mailing campaign (01.2010  – 09.2011)
  • Website (11.2009 – 09.2011)
  • Links on the partner’s website to the project website (02/2010)
  • Links of websites of relevant institutions to the project website (03/2010)
  • Utilisation of Partnership links (03/2010 – 09.2011)
  • Newsletter 04/2010, 11/2010, 08/2011)
  • Digitized products – Digital Modules (02/2011)

Task 10.2. Paper Strategy

Description: Leaflet presenting the project (03/2010)
Leaflets presenting the  Handbook (02/2011)
Leaflets presenting the Teacher training (10/2010)

Task 10.3. Event Strategy

Description: Participation in conferences, fairs, workshop (whenever possible)
Networking among stakeholders, authorities, schools, politcians, decission makers (ongoing, whenever possible)
Partner meetings including workshops with the attendance of stakeholders (01/2010, 09/2010, 09/2011)
Press conference (02/2011)
Final dissemination Symposium with project partners, press and stakeholders (09/2011)

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