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Elementy innowacyjne Multicultural Interdisciplinary Hanbook

Elementy innowacyjne

The project introduces at least five innovative elements in schools:

  1. The HandBook is simultaneously a learning tool and an integrated and consistent presentation of historical events related to the transformation of the territories considered, completed by a methodological analysis.
  2. It addresses CLIL classes (or similar) but also regular classes, and can be used whenever a teacher chooses to make pupils aware of historical events as seen from the viewpoint of other nations.
  3. The range of countries involved, including Spain and Italy as well as those further north’s, goes beyond that in the Franco-German HandBook, which addresses bilingual regions and institutions involved in Franco-German cooperation.
  4. The range of “foreign” languages in which the material will be available –beyond the three most common: French, German and Spanish– may increase interest in these languages; they include full support for both Italian and Polish.
  5. The digital modules –based on selected excerpts of the HandBook– will be freely downloadable as Learning Objects. Key targets are teachers, who can use them in class, and students, who can use them for independent study. Other users who currently have no equivalent available can also use them. As a tool, it presents a number of advantages: it can motivate students and provides practice for listening comprehension; it is well adapted to ubiquitous learning principles; it widens the potential users and opens new paths for the exploitation of the results.