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WP2: Technique and Design Multicultural Interdisciplinary Hanbook

WP2: Technique and Design


The University of Salamanca will assure the technical support of the whole project.

The first result of this package is the creation of the website. This will include the creation of the files and the repository, the file sharing, the organisation of the virtual meetings and the forum. The latter will cover the whole publication of the results, as the working papers, the final versions of the handbook and the newsletter. The target are teacher trainers, teachers and experts, while the potential users are everybody interested in the subject.

The second result of this package will be the development of a learning environment, which means the creation of an integrated cross-media platform for e-learning, using the technologies of Internet and digital video broadcasting. This is the first step for the development of specific learning materials, specially conceived for digital video broadcasting.

Work Programme

Task 2.1. MIH Website

Description: Selection, implementation, customization and startup of the website, based on an open source CMS technology (Content Management System) with support for multimedia and broadcasting, properly linked to the file repository.

Task 2.2. Manteinance of the website

Description: Technical support for both internal an external communication. The webmaster will create a space for internal communication (shared documents, communication platform, forum, archives and repository) as well as for the external one (publication of working papers, final versions of the handbook, downloading of the digital objects and newsletter).

Task 2.3. Design of the learning environment

Description: Creation of an integrated cross-media platform for e-learning environment using the technologies of internet and digital video broadcasting. This environment will be developed from an open source software solution and will be improved with specifical modules that will be released in open source and free license in order to be used by any institution interested free of charge.

Task 2.4. Digital Modules

Description: Technical production of the Digital Modules, whose contents, storyboard and translation will be achieved in packages 3, 4 and 5.

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